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3 Tips on How to Boost your Productivity


Photo By: Sheryl Rullan

I wake up and roll out of bed and drink a cup of strong coffee. As I get to the office, I’m bouncing around like a pinball from one task to another. Now it’s the middle of the day and I’m freaking out because I haven’t accomplished much on my To Do List and I have a pressing deadline with not much done. I’m about to pull my hair.  Can I meet this project deadlines? Did I order the equipment for the event? I just want to craw into fetal position and cry.

Many years I’ve worked in production in the photography studio and “Batching” is a method that’s used to maximize productivity. Working a full-time as an Administrator, Mommy and part-time Freelancer. I use this method to get things done.  Task Batching can be applied to anyone, especially Createive Solopreneurs. By batching your task, you will be more productive and find that you will be able to focus more of your time on the creative things that you enjoy doing.


1.Task Batching

What the heck is Task Batching? Well, task batching is where you group similar task together to complete within a block of time without distractions.


Photo By: Sheryl Rullan

2. Set time

Make a schedule and stick to it.  Try Planning to work at specific hours, this can help you get in the zone to accomplish a specific task.


Photo By: Luke Chesser 



3. Get Rid of Distractions

Keep your workspace organized and put away your phone or anything that may keep you from doing your job. Identify those distractions and stay away from it until you get your job done.


Photo By: William Hook