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10 Facts About Me



I had fun with this blog post.  I’ve seen many versions of this on Instagram and Youtube. Read 10 (fun) Facts About Me below!

1. I reside in the Windy City (Chicago).

2. I was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. ALOHA to everyone reading this and MAHALO for stopping by!

3.  Fact #2 may be the reason why I love being by the beach or just being surrounded by a big body of water.

4. I am a water baby. I love to swim, float, paddle board, kayak, and surf in the water.

5. I like to board!! Snowboard and Longboard!

6. I love to travel and meet new people. On day I will be able to photograph MORE people from different places, countries and experience their culture.

7. I enjoy going to the market: flea market or farmers market.

8. I love coffee!!!!!!! (Coffee + Coconut Milk) Yum, you should try this combo!

9.  I also have an obsession with cute office supplies: notebooks, post-it notes, paper clip, pens…the list goes on.

10. I love God!! Through Him all things are possible.


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E N J O Y!