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4 Questions That Will Help You Stop Caring About What Others Think



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Life is too short to take things so seriously and to care too much of what others think.  Today I rode on a motorized Panda Bear around the mall.  Most adult’s do not go to the mall to ride a panda, however, I did today. Adulting can be hard at times, like shopping for a new bed set, draperies, business attire with the shoes to match and sorting out your cellphone bill with the guy behind the kiosk and the list goes on. Throughout our daily life there are so many GREAT IDEAS that will come to us and that excite us, but most of us do not pursue it because we care a lot about how other people are going to perceive us.

As an artist I’ve grown to acknowledge these fears but not allow it to take control over me. If there is something you know that you should be pursuing and you’re not because you care too much about what other think, here are a few questions to ask yourself :


4 Questions That Will Help You Stop Caring About What Others Think

1. Will this change my future?

Caring too much of what people think could be stopping you from doing what your purpose is on earth. So, how do you overcome that? Is this pursuit going to influence people? Or is it going to change even just one person’s life in a positive way? If your answer is yes, then focus on pursuing this idea. The result of positively changing people’s lives will help motivate you to fulfill your purpose.

2. Will I Enjoy the Fruit of My Labor?

If there is enjoyment out of this thing that you’re thinking of doing, then focus on that, and it will act as a powerful motivator.

3. What Resources Do I Need to Accomplish this Goal? 

Sometimes we procrastinate doing something because we lack the resources. Use the tools that you have to create.  Even though you are not driving in a class A ride does not mean you can’t get to your destination. Network with people, research how other’s are achieving their goals on a tight budget. Use what got!

4. Are you Passionate About it?

If you are not passionate about doing this thing that you’re supposed to be doing, then I would suggest that you consider how much time you will invest in it. Allow for acceptance. It’s ok for you to pursue this thing as a career. It’s ok for you to pursue it as a hobby or even a one time activity.





Because life is too short to be anything



Have Fun!