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Hi! I’m Sheryl Rullan-Coaxum.


As a curious artistic explorer, I grew up traveling the world, loving the arts and expression.  Following my love and desire to improve my craft, I attended Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois where I graduated with a BFA in Time Arts and minored in Applied Communication.


After college, I married a handsome, talented educator and musician, Quentin Coaxum, and stepped out to focus my business as a Chicago-based graphic designer and photographer to help other creative artists and entrepreneurs with their business. My work has been published in the Chicago Times, Chicago Jazz Institute, Hyde Park Jazz Festival, Sears and Northern Illinois University and many more. I have spent 10 years in this creative field and help cultivate branding identities for creative businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.


I also educate young creatives in youth programs.  I encourage artistic expression and creativity, while helping youth cultivate personal and professional growth through activities and workshops. I currently work in partnership with Boys & Girls Club of America and have facilitated creative youth programs such as Image Makers National Photography Program and ClubTech to help develop their skills in technology.


I’m a big advocate for the arts and growth no matter what stage you are in life or in your business. My purpose here is to help you curate a brand that promotes what you do so you can focus on what you enjoy doing most. Whether you are struggling with selecting a color scheme for your business, struggling with an old logo design that’s not communicatng clearly or struggling with outdated photos from 2 years ago or struggling with no photos to show for your professional work; I am ready to help you visually create a brand that clearly defines what you do.


Let’s create together and design a brand that you love.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!